Club (Category)

A club, association, organization or federation. See Help creating a club++.

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Meta information:

  • {{Can link from User(s) as Admin,Parent,Racer,Member,Coach,Fan}}

  • {{Can link from Person++(s) as Racer,Coach,Parent,Guest,Fan}}

  • {{Has Program(s)}} Programs

  • {{Has Calendar(s)}} A club may have training calendars etc

  • {{Has Forum(s)}} A club has forums.

  • {{Property label.Like=Join}}

  • {{Property label.Unlike=Leave}}

  • {{Property label.LinkTo=join}}

  • {{Property label.LinkTo.Desc=You will be able to fill out registrations, use the club blogs etc}}


  • {{Property Xroles=Club:Child}}

For example, a federation has member clubs.

  • {{Property Xroles=Series:Child}}

A club organizes and/or participates in series and championships.


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