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The feedback module is accessible from the Keep up link in the navigation bar, at the top of every page. It allows you to keep track of what happens here, news, posts as well as interacting with the coaches/instructors.

When you click on it, if there are no posts, you'll see a general message. If you have posts, you'll see them, much like a news view on Facebook and many other sites, listed in the order.

The posts are color-coded:

  • yellow are notifications about news, posts and other comments that you can safely delete. In fact the "Clear Posts" button clears them all for you.
  • blue are messages and coaching feedback, shared with coaches
  • green are private notes that only you can see

You can use this module to keep private notes, like a journal - in fact this module is integrated with the Journal and you can see all the notes in the journal view.

You can send messages to other members, via the Messages menu.

All coaching is under the Coaching menu.


Coaches can create:

  • an Insight which is a note visible only to coaches
  • an Evaluation which is a specific evaluation form, filled by the coach. The members are notified when the form is submitted.
  • a Questionaire which is a specific evaluation form, which the coach asks the user to fill out. The coach is notified when the form is submitted by the user.
  • a Video


Users/members can can send an MA Request or simply ask a question - these are sent to the coaches.

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