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By using this site/service, you agree to all the terms below. See also the Privacy Policy.

This is a research project, not a critical service, currently provided for free, on an "as is" basis, read more details below.

Common sense applies to the content you upload/modify and your activity on this website. If you don't have a firm grasp on what common sense about "public internet content" means, read on for clarification.


You shall not use abusive or foul language, obscenities, profanities etc. Adult language and content is strictly prohibited.

You shall keep the information in the pages you create and/or edit to the point and make it useful. While you certainly may create specific pages about your business or to promote your interests, you shall not create or edit "general purpose" pages for this purpose.

You shall not publish copyrighted content except with the permission of the copyright holders.


We continuously monitor and actively moderate the content on this site. We will change the content if we deem this neccessary, at our discretion.

We will warn you, suspend and/or possibly terminate your account at our discretion, if you fail to obey by these rules, especially if you do so repeatedly.

Copyright and license

All content on this site is copyrighted under the Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License and you release all published content under this license.

Children under 13

Rather than send users under 13 years of age away or make them lie about their age, we allow them to use the website and, for them, certain supplemental safety features are in place:

  • only minimal personally identifiable information is collected:
    • name - so we can address them properly when communicating. They can also make this public.
    • email - so we can communicate. They cannot make this part of their profile public
    • location only down to the city
  • critical information is secured with several layers of encryption (email, passwords etc)
  • information is not shared by us with any 3rd parties - note that advertisers may collect their own information, from your browser only, independent of this website, read more in our Privacy Policy
  • a parent account is created and verified. The parent can control, to a certain extent, what the child can do on this site. The parent can choose to be notified of the child's activity
  • "Private" mode - where the child cannot make any information public
  • comments and all their activity is fully moderated


There may exist some risks arising from using this webiste with "Public" access. The child may inadvertently reveal some information you wished he didn't. As a parent, you have the option to be notified and you can ask him/her to correct that.

As with other public sites, a lot of information about the users may be revealed, such as favorite sports, clubs, events they will attend...

While we are actively monitoring and moderating all content on this site, by both auto-bots and staff, there are certain delays in moderating content. Some content may fall through the cvraks (<- like this one).

Certainly, with the recent hacking scandals of even credit card companies and banks, we cannot offer a complete guarantee that your information will never fall into the wrong hands, but we can certainly promise to do everything we can to secure it... and that's not a small thing! We use several firewalls, several layers of encryption and other methods to safeguard all information on our servers.

There are perhaps other, unforseen risks as well.

More terms

This service is not a critical service and is provided as is! No warranties expressed or implied. Likewise, we assume no liability for any damage or issues arising from the use of this website :).

You should not rely on this website to provide any critical services - while we certainly take good care to keep this website up an functioning in good order, we cannot guarantee that it will be up and running great at all times, with our current infrastructure.

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