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Here are the new features added in the last little while.

2013 Oct 10 (in progress)


  • to the account creation process
  • guides for account creation, registration etc
  • new members can be assigned calendars and forums automatically
  • registration flows better now

2013 Oct 3

Volunteer hours are now tracked individually but also rolled up per family.

  • you can track volunteer hours per member
  • these are summed up per member and rolled up per family, based on the registration information

Event registration

  • you can define an event and allow parents to register their kids to the event
  • can register the kids as "definite" or "maybe"
  • events can be training sessions, camps, races
  • use this to gauge interest etc

Friday training (extra training)

  • can define a friday training and parents can register their kids
  • can register the kids as "definite" or "maybe"

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