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You can create new reactor mods of your own and add them to the library. To be honest, while there's not much to it beyond creating new pages, creating new reactor mods is somewhat quirky right now, if you're not a programmer: work to simplify creation of reactor mods is on our list, but so are many other wonderful things.

Take a look at the instructions below and decide for yourself if this is something you want to do. You can always send us your ideas (together with a disclaimer allowing us to use it royalty free, of course) and we'll do the mod for you.


A reactor mod adds capability to an existing reactor in the form of wiki pages:

  • add new Categories for new kinds of objects, with relationships
  • more documentation and guides and screens

So, to create a new reactor mod, you should:

  • plan the new categories you will add
  • think of the pages you will need

Once you have those figured out, the rest is easy: just turn those pages into templates and put them together in a single file. That's it!

The hard work is done when you played with your prototype, creating the new categories and pages and the content and logic inside those.


These are some of the relevant properties:

  • title
  • description

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