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Here is a summary of our recently updated (as of May '18) Terms of Service and Privacy policy - please read through to the bottom and accept them. You can find more details in Privacy policy and Terms of Service.

  • Emails and notifications
    • We need to send you emails about registration, club membership
    • We also send you emails and notifications about news, events, blog posts, buy and sell lists, possibly other promotions, and/or products and services and other communications.
    • You can unsubscribe to most of these topics individually (by following the links in those emails or contacting support) and to all by suspending your account.
  • Cookies
    • We use cookies to make this site more friendly and useful to you.
  • Data collection
  • Data protection
    • Your data is protected by several layers of firewalls.
    • Critical bits of data like emails and passwords are encrypted.
    • We do not store credit card information or such.
  • Hosted clubs
    • This site has the ability to host clubs (sports clubs, pros, ski schools etc)
    • The data we collect about you is shared with the hosted clubs you join/follow, but no other third parties.
    • You can leave these clubs at any time and any data collected by us in the future will no longer be shared with them (they will still have any forms you filled out for them as a member. You can request these clubs to have those deleted.
    • You can ask to have your account deleted, together with all the data related to it.
  • Other
    • You own your content that you create, but you give us a right to use it. The content you fill in forms or pages for the clubs you joined is subject to that clubs's user agreement.
    • Your content and entire account may be deleted when the respective hosted club no longer uses us - we will notify you of this and other options you have
    • We can suspend your account if you act inappropriately
    • We want your feedback and you allow us to use it
    • You can reach us easily via doe/support for questions or for support to leave.

Emails and spam

The government of Canada passed legislation to protect you and your inbox from spam. This website's operation is dependent on you receiving emails with notifications of registration forms, blogs, news or other club-related or website-related information.

By consenting to these terms of service, you confirm that you would like to continue to receive emails from this website, as well as related websites (like and and from the clubs, snow schools and pros you follow (or join), about registration, news, events, blogs, possibly other promotions, and/or products and services.

You may unsubscribe from most of these types of emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe or unfollow instructions at the bottom of each email or by asking us via the Support form.


We use cookies to make this site more friendly and useful to you, so you don't have to login every time you visit, tracking your progress etc. We do not share the information collected via our cookies, with any third parties, other than the clubs you join/subscribe to.

Note that ad providers may use their own cookies and collect information about you that way.


We do not share the data you give us, with any third parties, except the hosted clubs you join.

Any forms with personal information that you fill out as part of your memberships with the hosted clubs is shared with the respective clubs.

You can suspend your account at any time. You can ask to have all data about you deleted.

The data is stored safely in the cloud, currently in the U.S., but due to redundancy and fail-over features, it may be stored temporarily or permanently elsewhere - so your data may be subject to other laws and regulations. Read the Data Processing Agreement.

We are both Data Collector and Data Processor, depending on the relation to the clubs you join.

We may use the data we collect about you for statistical analysis and/or to improve our service. We do not share this with any third parties other than the hosted clubs you join here.

Thank you!

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