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It's a wiki site where, as a user, you can maintain a profile, associate clubs, championships and races. Create and maintain blogs, wikis, forums, calendars, race reports etc. More features every week or so :)

As a club, you can manage your membership data, automate your registration process, host your website, forums and others - read about the benefits of hosting your club++ here and about the benefits of hosting your club registration and membership management on RacerKidz.

The story

As a racer, parent, coach and fan, interested in many sports, member of several clubs and associations, I couldn't find a nice service to let me... be me! Certainly, facebook goes a long way, but it doesn't feel adequate... I guess it's their focus on the social interaction at the expense of the ease of access and structure of information.

So I started this wiki site as an R&D project, let's see where we can take it...

You can read more about the Wiki Engine that makes this site tick.

The site is currently developed and supported by Razie Designs Inc and the easiest way to contact us is with the Support system.


Here are some safety reports about RacerKidz

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